With the health and safety of our employee owners, customers and communities top of mind, effective Friday, July 24, 2020, WinCo Foods requires all members of the public to wear masks when shopping at our stores.

Please read these notes:
     A) This is in addition to our employee owner face covering policy issued on June 29, 2020 (see section 5 below). 

     B) Where allowed, WinCo's policy may allow for a medical exemption.



From sanitizing high touch surfaces frequently to placing protective dividers at the register and bagging area, please read what our employee owners are doing to keep our customers safe: 

  • Protective Dividers have been placed at the register, bagging area and self-checkout to provide a physical barrier of protection for you, your neighbors and our employee owners
  • High touch surfaces and areas throughout the store are frequently disinfected with a cleaning agent certified for use against COVID-19
  • Clear floor markings are used as a guide to increase social distancing in areas prone to congestion
  • Shopping Carts/Shopper Baskets (high-touch surfaces) are sanitized during the collection process and throughout the day​
  • Sanitizing wipes/hand sanitizer are provided at entry
  • We (our employee owners) wear face coverings to protect you​ & require customers wear them as well 



Halloween will be celebrated in many different ways across our country this year. We believe that we can help each other by promoting guidelines that can help our families and communities make informed choices to celebrate safely.

The site brings together tools and resources to help families and communities celebrate Halloween safely. The site includes color-coded COVID risk level map – provided by the Harvard Global Health Institute – that details COVID risk level by county, across the country, as well as new Halloween Safety Guidelines for the 2020 season, in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) social distancing guidelines.



UPDATED Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

All locations are now open their pre-Pandemic store hours. Visit to find your nearest WinCo (or Waremart by WinCo) location. 



Due to the nationwide shortage of coins in the U.S. from the Federal Reserve, we ask for WinCo shoppers to please consider paying with: debit, check or exact change. You may also redeem your rolled coins for cash by visiting the Customer Service Counter.

*To view our check requirements, please visit:



WinCo Foods does not offer curbside pick-up/delivery (and has never offered this service); However, our leadership team has heard the requests for these features.

WinCo Foods has temporarily paused select online ordering (which only includes bakery trays, deli trays, and sealed cases of bulk bin items). Items will return online as our operations return to normal. 



Being a part of the community means taking care of each other. Effective July 1st - each of us working at your local, employee-owned store will be wearing a protective face covering at all times while working around customers or coworkers. All stores, all employee owners.

Our actions are guided by respect and consideration for others, which has never been truer than in the last few months as COVID-19 has disrupted life and business all over the world. It is important to remember that the challenges from COVID-19 are far from over and that we all need to continue following all hygiene, face covering, social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols. As our friend and neighbor, we encourage you to review any applicable mandates and CDC guidelines as you visit your store. Thank you for doing your part, it takes all of us.



WinCo WILL NOT be accepting returns on products over-purchased, "change of mind", wrong product, etc. related to the Coronavirus pandemic (and has never accepted returns due to over-purchasing), and/or for product categories impacted during the current pandemic. This includes, but is not limited to: water, toilet paper, cold medicine, canned goods, and antibacterial products. Please purchase only what you need. We will continue to address quality concerns as always, and on a case by case basis.  Thank you for understanding.