MASK POLICY - Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California (select areas), Texas (select areas)

In accordance with applicable local mandates, a valid face covering is required to be properly worn while in any WinCo Foods location in the following areas. Please reference applicable local mandates for details. Thank you.

WinCo locations currently within areas with applicable local mask mandates - (store number) City:
Nevada: (12, 17) Reno, (112) Henderson, (113) Las Vegas, (158) Summerlin.
California: (7) Eureka, (52) Brentwood, (63) Pittsburg, (36) Antelope, (37) Elk Grove, (53) Folsom, (54) Orangevale, (133) Sacramento, (35) Lancaster, (57) Pomona, (107) Lakewood, (116) Ventura.
Oregon: All WinCo Foods and all Waremart by WinCo Foods locations, per state-wide mandate.
Washington: All WinCo Foods locations, per state-wide mandate.
Texas: (124 ) Duncanville, (131) Garland, (146) Carrollton, (140) Denton.
*Please note that the above may not be an all-inclusive list due to delays in processing website updates. Please refer to in-store signage for appropriate guidance for your specific store.


MASK POLICY - Arizona, California (see previous exceptions), Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas (see previous exceptions), and Utah.

In alignment with current CDC guidance and as allowed locally, WinCo Foods no longer requires fully-vaccinated customers to wear a face covering.
Fully-vaccinated customers that choose to continue wearing a face covering are more than welcome to do so.

*WinCo Foods does not request proof of customer vaccination.



From sanitizing high touch surfaces frequently to placing protective dividers at the register and bagging area, please read what our employee owners are doing to keep our customers safe: 

  • Protective Dividers have been placed at the register, bagging area and self-checkout to provide a physical barrier of protection for you, your neighbors and our employee owners
  • High touch surfaces and areas throughout the store are frequently disinfected with a cleaning agent certified for use against COVID-19
  • Clear floor markings are used as a guide to increase social distancing in areas prone to congestion
  • Shopping Carts/Shopper Baskets (high-touch surfaces) are sanitized during the collection process and throughout the day​
  • Sanitizing wipes/hand sanitizer are provided at entry 



Due to the nationwide shortage of coins in the U.S. from the Federal Reserve, we ask for WinCo shoppers to please consider paying with: debit, check or exact change. You may also redeem your rolled coins for cash by visiting the Customer Service Counter.

*To view our check requirements, please visit:



WinCo Foods does not offer curbside pick-up/delivery (and has never offered this service); However, our leadership team has heard the requests for these features.

WinCo Foods has temporarily paused select online ordering for select locations (which only includes bakery trays, deli trays, and sealed cases of bulk bin items). Items will return online as our operations return to normal. 



WinCo WILL NOT be accepting returns on products over-purchased, "change of mind", wrong product, etc. related to the Coronavirus pandemic (and has never accepted returns due to over-purchasing), and/or for product categories impacted during the current pandemic. This includes, but is not limited to: water, toilet paper, cold medicine, canned goods, and antibacterial products. Please purchase only what you need. We will continue to address quality concerns as always, and on a case by case basis.  Thank you for understanding.