When it comes to building a Long Term Food Storage, the how and the why seem to be the most important questions. Why build a food storage? Simple, it's the right choice in case of emergencies or natural disasters; and in case of a sudden job loss, it can be a lifesaver; making it the right choice. While the 'Why' is pretty simple to explain, the 'How' has many people scratching their heads; that's where WinCo Foods can help...

With our Bulk Foods...

So you know our Bulk Foods department, but do you know how easy it can be to build the essentials of your Food Storage with our help? From factory sealed packages that are easy to store, to oxygen absorbers, food grade buckets, bucket lid openers, traditional and Gamma lids, refillable water containers and much more; you can find the basics and essentials of your food storage supply inside the bulk department of your nearest WinCo Foods.

Throughout the Store:

Your one-stop solution to building and maintaining a long-term food storage supply continues beyond our Bulk Foods department. At WinCo Foods, you can find emergency kits, dehydrated food/beverages by Emergency Essentials®, batteries, flashlights, containers and much more. These can be found throughout our stores; including the seasonal, home-wares and personal care aisles. By Shopping at The Supermarket Low Price Leader®, you can save money while building a long term food storage that fits your needs and agrees with your budget.

Smart Shopper Tip: Did you know that you can place a special order for a full, factory-sealed case/sack of practically any item that we carry in our bulk department? Even better, many of our bulk items qualify for a 5% discount when purchasing a whole case of participating items. By buying this way, not only can you save money, but also have the peace of mind that you can simply store the factory sealed package as is for mid-range storage, or that it'll be ready for you to pack to your personal preference. All you’d have to do is place an order with any of us working in the bulk area, then ask if the product that you’re ordering qualifies for the discount if you buy a whole case/sealed bag. Every Aisle, Every Department, Every Day – LOW PRICES.

Tips for Food Storage Shopping

  • Learn what to look for.
  • Think in terms of calories per person per day.
  • Look for nutritious calories, not empty calories.
  • Be informed about nutritional values.
  • Be concerned about menu fatigue.
  • Learn more at Be Prepared, or from an employee owner in your WinCo Bulk Foods Department.

Food Storage Activities

  1. Think about (or talk to your household about) recipes that are favorites and how to make them food storage meals. What fresh ingredients are used? Is there a suitable long term food storage substitute?
  2. Once you have a variety of recipes that you think can be made with food storage, try making them, using only food storage ingredients (you can buy small cans to try out food storage items that are new to you while you’re still experimenting).
  3. Add the successful recipes (and recipes you know you won’t need to experiment with) onto your Food Storage Menu calendar.
  4. Take an inventory of your current food storage: Figure out and record what you’ve got on hand, Determine how much you should have on hand. Make plans to purchase the difference if you don’t have enough stored already.
  5. Take small steps to add to your first three months’ worth of storage: Add a few items to your shopping list each week/month that will go straight into your food storage—you’ll have a growing supply before you know it. Collect spare change for a month and buy extra can or two of beans, or an extra package of pasta, etc. to put into food storage. It’s money you won’t even miss.
  6. Think about how many calories you’ll need to store for a 3 month supply of every-day foods. How many days worth for food do you think you have on hand, after taking inventory of your current stored food?
  7. Set up a rotation system so your every-day (3-month supply) food storage items are regularly used in the order they were purchased