We're pleased to offer a number of convenient services at our customer service counter.


ATM: WinCo offers instant cash withdrawals from your bank card from our in-store Automated Teller Machine for a small transaction fee. Our ATMs accept the following: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cirrus, Plus, Star, Novus, and Quest. Please note, WinCo does not accept credit cards, transactions at our registers are limited to cash, checks, debit, WIC and EBT.



Payroll Check Cashing: WinCo Foods can cash payroll checks (not to exceed $1,000) within the guidelines of our uniform check cashing policy. To see what type of checks we accept and our requirements, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.



Coinstar: WinCo offers Coinstar service in our Customer Services area. Simply pour your coins in our Coinstar machine and choose from either the cash or merchant card options. Your cash voucher can be redeemed at store checkout.




Fax Services: WinCo can assist you with your fax (either sending or receiving) for a $0.98 per page fee from anywhere within the United States. Sorry, international fax service unavailable.