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How to Get 5% Off Bulk Foods

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  We all know that just by buying from the Bulk Foods department we’re already saving money. But did you know about the insider secret that can help you save an additional 5%?

  HERE’S THE SECRET: Many of the items in the bulk bins actually qualify for a 5% discount when they’re purchased as a whole case/sealed sack.

  WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO GET THAT DISCOUNT? Simply ask any of us working in the bulk area if an item qualifies for the discount, and place an order for a full case or sack      at your employee-owned store. While the initial investment may be a bit more since you’re buying a whole package, the overall savings will be huge!

  Bulk Foods Case Discount:

  1.   Ask if an item qualifies for the discount
  2.   Place an order at your local store for a sealed case/sack of qualifying item
  3.   Order will arrive, store will set aside for you and notify you
  4.   Enjoy the savings

  PLEASE NOTE: While most items may qualify for this discount, select items are excluded. Please check with your local store while placing an order.

  BONUS TIP: This little secret is perfect for huge projects, holidays or just to save money on items that you and your loved ones use frequently.