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What does that mean for you?

Quality and Savings - without giving one up for the other. When you reach for a product with the WinCo Foods label, we want you to be confident in your purchase. Like everything else at our employee-owned stores, you are getting the lowest possible price AND the best value, not one or the other. Products that earn the privilege of having the WinCo Foods label, are manufactured by the industry's top level manufacturers and will maintain our high quality standards. We use trusted dairies to provide our milk, quality bakeries to make our bread, etc. If you ever need specific details about an item, please look for information on the packaging, or send us a quick email.

If you're not satisfied with a WinCo Foods labeled product, bring it back and we'll make it right, it's as simple as that.

We work for you, so it makes sense to ask you what you think about our products. Did you love your recent purchase? Were you impressed by the low prices? Were you dissatisfied at all? We want to know what you think.

Send us an email or reach out to us on our official WinCo Foods Facebook page.