4-packs of Chobani® Flip® Key Lime Crumble®  

While the list of ingredients and the allergy statements on both the overwrap of the multi-packs and the individual products inside correctly disclose the presence of wheat, which is a known allergen, a statement on the overwrap label erroneously states “No Gluten.”. This withdrawal action affects products that were distributed to retail customers nationwide between November 28, 2017 and January 16, 2018. Other products are not affected. For consumers with allergy concerns or celiac disease, consumption could lead to potentially adverse reactions. For those without wheat allergen concerns, the product is okay to consume.

All other Chobani® products including 5.3oz single-serve Chobani® Flip® Key Lime Crumble® are not affected. Again, the labeling error only impacts Chobani® Flip® Key Lime Crumble® 4-packs.


Customers and consumers can determine if product is impacted by referencing the lot code on the overwrap label of their 4-pack of Chobani® Flip® Key Lime Crumble®. The impacted lot codes are as follows:

JAN 27 18 16-012 170

FEB 03 18 16-012 170

FEB 08 18 16-012 170

FEB 09 18 16-012 170

FEB 18 18 16-012 170

FEB 19 18 16-012 170

FEB 27 18 16-012 170

MAR 03 18 16-012   170


In the event that consumers with allergy concerns have purchased this item, they can return the product to the store for a refund. Additionally, consumers with questions about this market withdrawal or any of their Chobani products can call Chobani Community Loyalty Team at 1-877-847-6181, Monday– Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST for more information.  No illnesses or adverse reactions connected with this error have been reported.