1. Video, How Digital Coupons Work
  2. How to register and create your profile
  3. How to login
  4. How to create your profile using Facebook
  5. How to select coupons
  6. How to use your digital coupons in-store
  7. My coupon did not go through


Click on image below to watch a quick video showing how digital coupons work (link opens in a new window)

Digital Coupons Video


If this is your first time visiting, you’ll be asked to Register or Login. Please note that digital coupons fall under our general coupon policy and must meet all coupon guidelines.


  1. In the sections available, enter your First Name, Last Name, Zip Code and Mobile* Phone Number; then enter your email address and create a password.  Your email and password will be used to login to our website. *A Mobile Phone Number is required, and must be verified in order to browse and clip new Digital Coupons. Don't have a mobile phone number? Please call our Customer Service team at 1-800-824-1706 (8:30AM - 4:30PM (MDT), M-F), and an employee owner will be happy to help you set up your account. 
  2. Click to Agree to our Terms and Policies, and then click on SIGN UP to create your account.
  3. Once you register, you’ll be automatically logged in and asked to add optional, additional details into your profile – these may include your address, date of birth, etc.  These are fully optional, you may skip that section by clicking on the “No thanks, I don’t want a personalized experience” link located at the bottom of the additional details section.

Pictured: Welcome screen with default registration form
Register to our website

After completing registration, new users will be presented with the option to add optional profile details. This section is optional. You may skip it by selecting the link at the bottom of this section.

Registration details



  1. To login, visit our coupon section available at
  2. You’ll be welcomed by a greeting screen that will default to the REGISTER form, on this welcome screen please click on the LOGIN tab
  3. Enter your email and password, then click the LOGIN button
  4. The page will refresh and it will present you with an estimated total of over $100 worth of digital coupons.



  1. You may register and login to your WinCo Foods account with ease by linking your Facebook account with
  2. Visit our coupon section available at, you’ll be presented with a welcome screen encouraging you to register or login.  If this is your first time, please select the CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK button, then follow the prompts to grant permissions to connect your Facebook profile with WinCo Foods.  This will import details such as your name, email address and phone number.  The connection will be secure and information will only be used for the purposes of your WinCo Foods account. 
  3. Complete the registration process and enjoy over $100 of digital coupons!
  4. When you return to our website, you can login with one click by selecting the CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK button on the LOGIN form.



  1. Visit our coupon section available at, once you’re logged in you’ll immediately see all digital coupons available for you
  2. You may sort through all available coupons by using the filters labeled as CATEGORIES
  3. To select a coupon, click on the gray CLIP COUPON button for each individual coupon you want to select.  Once you have selected a coupon, it’ll be marked with a green tag labeled as CLIPPED
  4. Clipped coupons can be redeemed in store by entering the mobile phone number associated with your account at the register.  Matching product must be in the same purchase, all limits and requirements must be met before the transaction is complete, otherwise coupon may not be applied to your transaction



  1. Using your digital coupons in-store is as easy as a few clicks.  Select the exact products listed on any coupon(s) that you have added to your WinCo account
  2. At the register, before paying for your purchase, select the Digital Coupons button on the payment keypad
  3. Using the keypad, type in the mobile phone number you used to create your account, then press the enter key to continue
  4. If any of the items you purchased matched any of the requirements for any coupon in your account, your coupons will be deducted automatically from your total – it’s as easy as that!
  5. Complete your payment as usual, any digital coupons that were applied will be marked on your receipt.

Before paying with any method of payment, select the Digital Coupons icon on the card reader at the register.

Select Digital Coupons Icon

Enter mobile phone number associated with your Digital Coupons account

Enter phone number before paying


  • If a coupon did not apply to your transaction, please save your receipt and contact us via email or phone; our team will then be able to review if this was due to a mismatch in coupon requirements, or if it was due a system error.  We’ll need details of your transaction and your account.
  • Coupons must be applied before a transaction is complete; please make sure that you enter your WinCo Foods Digital Coupons phone number before you complete payment for the transaction.  Digital coupons cannot be applied once a transaction and payment has been completed.
  • After clipping a coupon, please allow up to 15 minutes before you redeem a digital coupon at the register; during those few minutes we’ll work hard to make sure your selected coupons are ready for you at your local, employee-owned store.
  • Coupons available to you may be slightly different than those available to others.  As you use your account, our system provides relevant offers to you based on your shopping history. These offers can be added and saved to your profile, eliminating the need to cut or print out coupons and bring them in to the store.