A message from Matti, Vice President of General Merchandise at WinCo Foods

We have some exciting new products and themes in our Variety Department in 2022. We are so much more at WinCo Foods than just a Grocery Store. We have a wide range of products from Health and Beauty to Specialty Foods to General Merchandise and Seasonal; please stop by our departments on your next WinCo shopping trip! We are always seeking the new and hottest trends, unique finds, and everything you need to complete your seasonal holidays.

HABA (Health and Beauty) Highlights for 2022

  •         Baby and Toddler necessities – Wipes/Powders/Shampoo and Bath Accessories/Lotions and Health Care Items.
  •         Footcare/Socks – We have some great items that are fun but essential as well. Great brands such as Dr.Scholl, Tinactin, Lotrimin, Profoot.
  •         Feminine Hygiene and Men Care – We have the best brands at the best price and even have a special section for Men such as Beard Care, Etc.
  •         Cosmetics – Great selection of new products and name brands as well as nail care and a new selection of cosmetic bags.
  •         Dental Care – Our Oral hygiene offerings is extensive and have anything from Oral-B to Colgate to Scope to our awesome WinCo Brand Products.
  •         Eyecare – Whether you are looking for contact solution, eye drops, readers, sunglasses, we have you covered.
  •         First Aid – We offer Antiseptics, Bandages, and Ace Bandages to face masks.
  •         Analgesics – We have all of your Cough and Cold Needs as well as Allergy, Lip Balms, to Sleep Aides.
  •         Soap and Sanitizers – Whether you are looking for a bar of soap, shower gels, and sanitizers, we have you covered with a very wide offering.

Variety (Specialty Snacks/Food/Candy/Nuts/Alternative Beverages) Highlights for 2022

  •         Specialty Popcorn Seasonings – Who knew you could turn your popcorn into Chili Limon, or Kettle Corn or even White Cheddar with our specialty popcorn seasoning salts. We have a wide range of flavors, merchandised in Bulk by the Bulk Popcorn. You must try them all!
  •         Nuts/Snacks/Marshmallows – We carry a vast offering of Planters, Blue Diamond, Private Label WinCo Nuts and even Wonderful Pistachios.
  •         Candy/Mints – Stop by our Checkstand and you will find a wide variety of Candy Bars, Trolli, Lindor, Mentos, Snickers, Kit Kats, so many options!
  •         Diet/Nutritional Health – Just in time for the new year we offer Ensure, Six Star Whey Protein, Boost, Core, Pure Protein and much more.
  •         Soups/Ramen/Broth – We offer Organic Pacific Broths, Millie’s Sipping Broths, Bob’s, Bear Creek, Nongshim and a new brand Shore Lunch Soups.
  •         Hispanic Foods/Candles – We have every brand of specialty sauces such as Tapatio, Cholula, Valentina, Crystal and El Yucateco. So many options!
  •         Specialty/Organic Pasta/Sauces – Raos, Mezzetta, OrganicVille, to coincide with our Country Pasta, Delallo Potato Gnocchi, and Napoleon Tortellini. All of our specialty offerings are integrated on the shelf within each category. It is easy to find what you are looking for down every aisle.
  •         Specialty Rice’s – We offer Near East Couscous, Vigo Yellow Rice to Ancient Harvest Quinoa. Many more and a ton of flavors too.
  •         Canned Seafood and Meat Substitutes – We offer Napoleon Anchovies, Scallops, Anchovy Paste to Loma Linda Linketts and Vege-burger in a can.
  •         Kosher and Indian Foods – In select stores we offer Pataks, Manischewitz, Goodman’s. For Passover all stores will carry some variety of offerings.
  •         Asian Foods – Is a customer favorite, we have a huge variety of sauces, seasonings, rice’s, noodles, snacks such as Gimmie Seaweed and Pocky.
  •         Specialty Baking Products – We have a wide range of Bob’s products from Gluten Free Baking Flour to Organic Chia Seeds, Lilly’s, Diamond, Etc.
  •         Sugar Alternatives – We have expanded our offerings to include Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, Swerve, Stevia, Splenda, Truvia, and Sweet N Low.
  •         Spices – We have expanded our Badia Brand Offerings, and have a wide range of McCormick, and Watkins Gourmet Vanilla extract to name a few.
  •         Milk Alternatives – We have a very wide variety of shelf stable offerings to include Coconut, Oat, Almond, Soy, Hemp, and Rice Milks.
  •         Jams/Jelly’s/Nut Spreads/Specialty Peanut Butter – Bonnemaman, Zimmer, Better Body, Biscoff, Barney, Justin’s to name a few of our brands.

General Merchandise Highlights 2022

  •         Pet Care – To complement our Dog and Cat Food we also offer Dog Treats with Brands such as Nudges, Savory Prime, Hartz, Minties. We have a wide variety of Dog Toys and Bones such as Petsport to Ethical Pet. We have Pet medications, Cat Supplies, Bird & Fish Supplies, Collars, and Leashes.
  •         Party Goods – We offer a wide range of Balloons (Latex and Mylar) Birthday Candles, and even Repurpose Paper Products which are Biodegradable, Compostable, and Made with fibers, corn, beets, wood pulp, cassava, and bamboo. We care about the planet too!
  •         Candles, Magazines, and Books – We offer a wide range of wax warmers, candles, pillars, tea lights, incense and more.
  •         Office, Stationary, School Supplies – We have every essential you need for your Home, Office and Classroom or School Project.
  •         Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap and Bags – We offer American Greeting’s for every occasion, stop by and see our vast variety.
  •         Batteries, Flashlights, Air Filters, Light Bulbs – We have every home essential you could need. Start the New Year with new air filters.
  •         DVD and Cell Phone Accessories – We offer everyday favorites, seasonal movies, movie box candy, and every cell phone accessory you will ever need for every brand.
  •         Home Essentials – We have wide range of necessities for your Garden, Hardware, Auto and even electrical necessities.
  •         Kitchen Essentials – We have appliances, plastics, gadgets, glassware, Food Storage and Canning essentials.
  •         Coffee Filters and Syrups – We have a wide range of Torani Syrups and every size and shape of coffee filters for every brand/model.


Seasonal Merchandise Highlights 2022

  • Spring – Jan Thru April - We have some beautiful new products to offer in Valentine’s, Spring, Diet and Exercise, Asian Cooking, Ice Cream Essentials, Plastics, Spring Décor, Spring Cleaning, Spring Toys, Arts and Crafts, Easter and the largest selection of bubbles and bubble accessories you will not find anywhere else.
  • Summer – May Thru August - We have some exciting new Garden Pots, Bug and Suncare, Garden Accessories, Bird, Citronella, RV/Camping, Chalk, Cotton candy and Snow Cone Machines and Accessories, Hydration, Summer Dishes, Outdoor Entertainment, Foam Shooters and Water Guns, River Floats, Swim and the best BBQ Accessories which includes Corona and Kingsford brands plus a great fan collection.
  • Fall – Sept Thru October – We have planned a great selection of Halloween Candy, Halloween Inside and Outside Décor, Trick or Treat Accessories, Inflatables, Blankets, Throws, hats & Gloves, Pet Beds, Pet Costumes, Pet Toys, New Plush/Pillows, Bake Center, Harvest, Thanksgiving, Tea, Coffee, and Crock Pots.
  • Holiday – Nov Thru December – We are planning a great selection in Toys, Stocking Stuffers, Holiday Pet, Serveware, Holiday Plush and Pillows, Apparel, Calendars, Holiday Candles, Gifting, Trim a Tree, Trim a Home and Trim a Package. We will have all of your Holiday Needs to celebrate with friends and family.


Thank you, 


Vice President of General Merchandise, WinCo Foods