Did you know that all of the beef that is cut and packaged inside your local, employee-owned store is USDA Choice or Higher?

At WinCo Foods, we purchase quality beef from top Beef Suppliers in the industry. This is done through a team of dedicated buyers that are continuously looking for the best cuts of meat that can be offered at the low WinCo prices you know and love. This is just one of the ways that we can deliver the savings you deserve.

Better quality, lower prices, excellent eating opportunities; Shop Smart ~ Save Money, at WinCo Foods.


Where are the Prices?

While we set a price for each item that each of our stores will carry, we then also give each local, employee-owned store the freedom to lower those prices - so that we can better serve each community we call home. Your local store will do this by constantly visiting other area stores and checking their prices, then lowering ours on select items if needed. This is done to ensure that at WinCo Foods you'll find the best overall value. We feel that this will allow us to save you both time and money; no gimmicks, no savings card needed, no waiting for "special" sales...just true and honest savings.

What is a Green Tag?

At WinCo Foods, we make it easy to find what's on sale. How? Simply look for items marked with green price tags; this is how we mark some of our best sales...which makes them some of the best deals in town.

Meat Department at WinCo Foods