Meat Department Items (templater_column_cards_40)

In the Meat Department at WinCo Foods, we hope to be the center of the plate for your family meal; We offer outstanding quality with USDA Beef, Grade A Poultry, Regionally sourced Ground Beef, and Hormel Fresh Pork available at every employee-owned WinCo Foods. 

We ARE the “low price leader” in meat. You receive top quality meat at a price that will help you stretch your budget.

My Top 3 favorite items in the Meat Department are:

  • Chuck Eye Steak – one cut away from the Rib Eye, look for them when Chuck Roasts are on sale.
  • Boneless Pork Cushion and Carnitas – a great value, very versatile for pulled pork, carnitas tacos, freezes well.
  • Tri Tip – Smoke a whole roast, cut for steaks, stir fry, thin slice for carne asada. On sale frequently and one of the lower priced grilling cuts in the meat case.

Special Requests

Did you know every WinCo location has expert meat cutters that are happy to cut just about any beef or pork item on request? That's right, thick, thin, big or small, our meat cutters are happy to help! 

We help customers with selecting the appropriate cut for the dish they are preparing. We gladly cut to order. We have resources in the department for customers with questions on nutrition, cooking methods and everything meat. If we don’t have an answer to your question, we will find out.

Constantly Learning

We work closely with the University of Idaho Agriculture Department on a Meat Science Workshop held every year. We send our Meat Managers and MIT’s through this program where they learn the science behind the meat they sell. They learn new cutting techniques, the latest in food safety, and they are given the scientific answers to all the questions their customers are asking.

We work closely with our suppliers on maximizing their inventory opportunities. We are not hindered by print ads. We can react quickly to great deals and we are high volume. We are the first call when great deals are available and we pass those deals along to our customers. You receive top quality meat at a price that will help you stretch your budget.