The future looks greener at WinCo Foods

At WinCo Foods, we believe that being a part of your community means more than just having a store in your city. How so? It starts with local employee ownership, continues with low prices that are catered to you, and is reinforced by being responsible in how we operate our employee-owned stores; we believe those are keys to being a good neighbor, your neighbor.

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The Future

Exploring solar power: At WinCo Foods, we’re constantly researching new technologies to help reduce our carbon footprint. Currently, we’re live testing six solar powered light poles in the parking lot of one of our Boise locations and have added them to several of our new stores. The solar panels are built right into the fixture and collect the sun’s energy throughout the day and power the LEDs as needed by night. Even more exciting, any excess energy produced by the fixtures is used to reduce the amount of electricity used inside our store. Opting for LED lighting wherever we can: LED lighting is a smarter, greener choice than traditional or fluorescent lighting for two reasons. First, LED light bulbs are more energy efficient and need replacing less frequently. Second, LED doesn’t contain mercury or emit UV light, which means it’s safer for the environment and our customers.

​More to Come

Whether it’s LED lighting, solar panels, or energy efficient appliances, you can count on WinCo Foods to do our part to make the world a little greener, and chances are that the changes we make will allow you to keep more green in your wallet. Every Aisle, Every Department, Every Day – LOW PRICES.